Friday, 7 October 2011

What's Occuring Older Mum?

Well quite a bit actually ..........

1. So I'm trying to get my feet under the table with blogging. I've found myself feeling sad and brewing with regret that I didn't start a one sooner. I now feel like I'm playing catch up with retrospect stories. Oh well better late than never.  I wished I'd started one during pregnancy though as I could have chronicled the hour by hour hell that was my depression during the first trimester.  It would've been very therapeutic and might have helped to hold my falling apart self together during some very dark and threadbare days.

2. Hooray, hooray, hooray.  Drum roll please.  Mummy car has come home all shiny and new. My pearly blue grey Peugeot wasn't written off.  All the creases in the bonnet were ironed out. Thank goodness.  I knew she would pull through. That little, nippy car has been a very good friend; she helped me tentatively venture into the world during Little A's first few months when I felt anxious and scared.  It would've been such a hassle to buy a new one. Phew.

3. My husband, Younger Dad, who is seven years my junior (get me) is flying home tomorrow after a two week business trip Stateside.  It's been a long two weeks.  But I have to say how enchanting it was to witness Little A affectionately wrap her arms around the laptop and kiss daddy on the screen when we had our all important family video catch ups. Thank you Skype.  

Little A was led to believe that daddy has been in a groundhog loop of work and sleep on an aeroplane for the last fourteen days. So daddy was simultaneously in the computer and on the plane. Perfectly plausible. She has adapted amazingly well to his absence.  It has helped that we are in clear view of the landing path into Heathrow.  Every time Little A spyed a plane she felt overjoyed and reassured by daddy's omniscient presence in the sky. I too also like to imagine that Younger Dad has been living out his existence over London in a flight path holding pattern for the last fortnight.  Can you imagine circling around for 336 hours with only plane food and the in flight magazine to sustain you? I shudder to think of the consequences .... Quick, let's move on.

4. Sorry newsflash.  Ever since I wrote the post 'Kiss and Make Up' I've been touching my c-section scar (Sorry) every night before I go to bed.  It's definitely helping the process of accepting it.  I've just this minute taken a quick break from writing to feel it.  As I was pressing down with my fingers I noticed that it still feels a little tender in some places which I am quite surprised about given it's been 20 months since the operation.  Now I look more closely at Sorry it's actually a smaller incision than I realised.  I can't quite believe they pulled Little A through it. Was my beautiful little girl really that small? Now my eyes are welling up ........ this can only be a good sign that I'm starting to heal the stand off with my scar.

Oh and thank you to all those lovely bloggers who commented on the post, it was very supportive.  

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  1. Everything sounds wonderful. Good for you. I love your blog. Where can I become a follower and get email notifications etc please? Am also a luddite!

    And how did you get all those fab ads?


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