Saturday, 12 November 2011

Adroit Older Mum - That Be Me!

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away Mummy Plum bequeathed upon Older Mum an award with potent powers of subterfuge ..... The Versatile Blogger .....  with this award I can convince you with the mere nimble trickery of my words that I'm in fact an adaptable, dexterous and multifaceted blogger. Welcome to the dark side of the force ..... Mwah ha ha ha ha .....

Thank you for this award Mummy Plum. Feel reassured that this award is now in the wrong hands of a villainous bondesque megalomaniac. I am currently donning tight fitting black leather gloves and a Christmas themed balaclava as I tap away on my thermonuclear detonating PC. Not really. I feel like an ikkle bunny wabbit inside all warm and fluffy. Another award? Lucky moi !!!! Oh no, I'm choking up again in my Oscar GP (Gynweth Paltrow) winning moment. C'mon girl, stiff upper lip. These blogging awards are the only accolades best thing since my bronze medallion.

So ... The Versatile Blogger comes with some rules. And here they be ...

1) Thank the person who tagged you .... Thank you AGAIN Mummy Plum 
2) Share seven things about yourself .... Mmmmm lets see ....
3) Pass the award on to fifteen newly discovered blogs .... Think I can stretch to 7
So, here are seven interesting facts about me:

1) I'm a northern lass. Born and bred in the provinces of West Yorkshire. Leeds to be precise. Defected to Lancashire to pick up what was to be a useless humanities degree circa 1992 before returning to Leeds with tail between my legs. Got fed up with being rained upon, no central heating and gravy on my chips so as you do moved down south to London where the streets are not pathed with gold but pigeon sh*t. Still fiercely loyal to my roots. Up North we call it tea NOT supper.

2) I love custard. Cleopatra bathed in milk. Mines a hot tub of creme anglaise. Custard is my ultimate comfort food. I'm a big fan of the vanilla pod. So is it Birds, Ambrosia Devon or Tesco's Finest custard? Personally Birds wins hands down for me.  It's warming and homely.  I make a mean strawberry crumble and with lashings of the yellow stuff is simply nectar of the Gods.

3) I have a thing about pug dogs. I fell in love with the squishy faced flickerty flick tailed breed when I witnessed the very sad demise of Ethel's Willy on East Enders a long, long time ago. He overdosed on ice cream and was put out of his tummy troubled misery by Doctor Legg. A somber day indeed. Sad but true I have even bought the domain for some mischievous pug loving fun. I fully intend on owning a black and a fawn pug in my twilight years or as a sibling substitute for Little A if I'm unable to conceive again.

4) I hardly never wear make up. This is certainly not because I'm drop dead gorgeous. My mummy blemished skin could certainly benefit from a nourishing mineral based foundation. Any ideas? Sometime in my twenties I suffered the misfortune of getting 'MACed' by a satsuma faced beautician in a lesser named department store. Apparently it was a make over I was having. It took a week to chisel the foundation off. If it wasn't for the fact that Micheal Angelo is six feet under I would have hired his services. Still I never looked back after this debacle and have since forgotten how to apply the stuff.

5) I was captain of my school lacrosse team. Lacrosse is a fantastically brutal team sport invented by the native Americans. It basically involved a bunch of blood thirsty teenage girls whacking the beejezus out of each other whilst trying to capture a small, hard ball in a net on a stick with the aim of lobbing it unmercifully at a terrified goalkeeper.  And Older Mum was captain!

6) I am addicted to watching most exports by the brilliant American cable channel HBO. Those series I totally immerse myself in include Lost, In Treatment and True Blood.

7) I can waggle my ears. Might vlog my flapping auditory organs one day ...

Now the challenging part. I’m passing the baton on to the following fantastic blogs .....

Older Single Mum
Flossing The Cat
Middle Aged Matron
Purple Mum
Three Little Flowers
The Bling Buoy


  1. The stuff we learn about you! Glad you're not averse to a bit of soul baring! You are full of surprises!

  2. Well, my goodness, thank you so much! But what do I do with the baton? Same as you did (do not have seven interesting things to say about myself and do not know of 15 blogs)?

    PS I say tea not supper, and I'm a southerner and it makes my husband mad. And I love custard, but you're confused, it HAS to be Ambrosia!

  3. Fabulous list. You are full of surprises...first the toes, and now waggly ears...I am wondering what's next? I love the fact you bought the domain name to pugspotting..that's just downright quirky. Thank you for taking my VB baton and executing the challenge with such gusto!

  4. Tesco's finest custard does it for me - or, controversially Morrisons. I have been known to make a trip just for that. Mix it in equal quantities with double cream (or is that just talking dirty?) and churn in an ice-cream mixer for a truly decadent accompaniment. Alternatively, I am known to just eat it out the pot.

  5. Thanks so much for the award, but...
    Cptn of the lacrosse team? I am a little frightened tbh. However thank you for softening the blow by talking about extremely nice things like custard and HBO.

  6. Thank you so much! I feel quite honoured. You have a wonderful sense of humour. This is why I'm so glad I (finally!) signed up to Twitter today... so I can be one of the first to see the ear waggle vlog ;)

  7. I'm with you on the custard, but it has to be Waitrose, which I think has added cream already stirred into it, so maybe that's why I love it so much! Love custard slices too, way too much. Alternatively, I make my own, then it can be just perfect! I love Leeds too, I lived there for seven years and did my degree there too. Fabulous place. Don't always get around to watching vlogs, they seem to take more effort than reading some writing, but I would make an exception for your waggly ears! That would be worth seeing. PS - is it true that Little Willie died of ice cream overdose?! Polly x

  8. Forgot to thank you for the tag. I always feel a bit overwhelmed with such things coz struggle to keep up with everything anyway - and I don't manage to read anywhere near as much as I'd like to. Anyway, I will get on it. Have some shocking things to say, I've decided. The 15 tags is way too many for me and have looked around at other sites who say 5 so will do my best! Ta v much tho!

  9. Also a massive HBO fan! Nice to find out more about you


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