Friday, 4 November 2011

#Grooving Toes and Blogging Overload

Earlier this week I wrote a public declaration about becoming a #Grooving Mum feeling inspired by Kate On Thin Ice's blog hop. I'm only a few days in but progress is rather muted. I think I'm being rather hard on myself by expecting too much too soon. Mental note, must remind myself that Rome didn't groove in one day (groan). What I have noticed though is how much pressure I heap on myself which I guess is a constructive observation in the right direction.

But first a random picture of my anatomy.  Can you notice something odd, something almost extraordinary about these feet? No, it isn't the # tag sloping off the left foot or the blue smudged graffiti.  Taker a closer look. Can you see it? If you observe the two toes beside the big toe on each foot you will notice they are joined. Yes, joined.  I have four co-dependent toes. A two digit conurbation on both feet, merged in harmony, but with no separate identity of their own because THEY ARE JOINED. YOU FREAK OF NATURE. Run podiatrist run for your life. You see whilst I was an amorphous blob in utero both pairs of toes met over some cocktails at the gene pool party, very good soiree I am told, fell in love instantly and haven't separated since. Nope. No sureee. No chance of a decree nisi or a sordid toe swap here. Joined in happy union. <Sigh>. Now here comes that frustrating line from the Serenity Prayer ..... accept what you cannot change. Shrugs shoulders deflatedly. I accept my size 5 webbed feet and will write this on the blackboard a hundred times.

Where did these tootsies come from? Neither my parents or brothers posses them. I've studied my family tree and couldn't find any ducks. Apparently these toes are inherited from my great, great grandfather on my mother's side. Couldn't they have skipped a generation or two? T'was on holiday in Cornwall at the delicate age of 13 that I noticed my feet looked different to those paddling in the sea nearby. I have no idea why I hadn't noticed before. Maybes because I was at that awkward transient stage of girl/teenager/woman and with that an acutely more self conscious awareness of my physical idiosyncrasies.

But there are some advantages to my webbed feet. Firstly I've got good balance. Secondly I can swim. And finally they are potentially life saving as there is no chance of drowning when the ice caps melt and the River Thames engulfs greater London. But after speaking of my feet in quite a disparaging way I have to confess to being rather fond of them. They are totally unique, eccentric, and make me smile. So world I present to you my  ....... #grooving toes.

Now back to the opening gambit of the first paragraph. I demand too much from myself and this makes me miserable. I have this perfecting parental voice yakking on in my grey matter commanding 'you need to do this' or 'you have to complete X, Y, Z by tomorrow', blah, blah, broken record. It feels like a hammer beating against both sides of my skull making me tense, hurried and ungrounded. Wasn't my grade C school report good enough? 'Could do better'. Ugh. So referring back to my #grooving list I haven't made many in roads yet and find myself internally flogging myself with said parental hammer.  But on a positive note I have reread my charter each day so that it locks itself in my mind. This should help the process of manifesting my intent. Here are a couple of things I have done though ......

1. I injected a little spontaneity and fun into my routined life by taking part in Mammasaurus' What? Wednesday meme. Made me feel like a naughty school girl again and I loved the mischievous energy it constellated in me.

2. I often forget to apply my lotions and potions because I am (a) too busy with Little A in the mornings and then (b) too tired in the evening that I can't even be bothered to wash my face before I go to bed. So I've been taking care to follow my beauty 'anti-aging routine' in the morning and evening no matter what state I'm in. I'm feeling better for it as does my skin.

3. Last night I relaxed and enjoyed lots of guilty pleasure TV. I watched episode after episode of How I Met Your Mother rounded off by an installment of True Blood. I love True Blood. I just lose myself in its fantasy world of seductive vampires, witches and warepanthers (!?), and have to say that Stephen Moyer (vampire Bill) is very easy on the eye.

4. Today, after dropping Little A off at her childminders, I went directly to Tesco and treated myself to a custard danish. Now this isn't going in the direction of a healthier diet but it felt great rewarding myself with a scrummy breakfast.

5. I am acutely aware I'm experiencing blogging overload. I have subscribed to a number of great reads but now find myself daily inundated with a sea of new posts in my inbox. I want to read them all and leave thoughtful comments but I just haven't the time. Additionally any free moment I have seems to be spent on my PC either blogging or adding new content to Older Mum. I'm putting myself under an inordinate amount of pressure to do stuff. Blogging is meant to be a hobby not a burden. I need to structure my time. I could take a leaf from Purple Mum's brilliant organising skills and get myself a white board!

How do you organise your blogging time? How much time do you portion to reading other blogs? I would really like to know ......


  1. I so know what you mean! Love your post. There is so much out there, so many great blogs and articles to read and I often find myself swamped too. I can't organise regular blogging time because, even when the little chap is at preschool there are often other things I need to see to instead. I love what you said about your guilty pleasures, the TV and the custard danish. Life shouldn't be all about being healthy, but sometimes doing something which just makes us feel good, like TV and custard danishes.

  2. Well. Your pics and stories are always good!

  3. I agree - re: blogging overload. I spend as much time reading other people's blogs as I do on my own. Like you, I want to take the time to write thoughtful comments, and actually, I've been surprised at how time consuming that can be. I think structuring time where possible is a good thing, and also, there's 'real life' out there to get on with too. So some days I think, no, don't sit at the computer - get outside, see something/ do something - stimulate yourself in other ways.
    I really enjoyed reading this post. Superbly written.

  4. thanks for linking up again. I love your feet so thanks for revealing all. Yes, it is important to find a balance that is positive for us. Also think I said last week how we have learned over last 6 weeks how easy it is to pile unrealistic pressures on ourselves. You are grooving and your toes definitely are! See you next week I hope?

  5. [...] 2. [...]

  6. I carry a note book with me for blogging. My blog is a journal for us as a family of our new life in South Africa, sadly there appears to be more lows than highs at the moment. Access is not available outside of twitter apart from a few trusted friends as unfortunately how I feel, upsets certain people. My husband is fully supportive and reads all entries, but he does not get to approve them, just continues to monitor I have mentioned names of individuals or the company he works for. I have recently started to follow blogs via email so I can read them as they come in so I'm not on permanent catch up.

  7. Your posts are always inspiring, beautiful and positive and if the blog hop means more for us to read then all the better for us! But... I can relate to feeling overloaded. In fact your honesty and down to earth perspective is why I keep coming back for more. Keep it up (but remember to look after you too). :)

  8. Hello. I've just rather stupidly tagged you in the 10 questions meme. And popped over to tell you...on a post entitled blogging overload! So sorry. Just ignore if you don't want to do it!

  9. Oops, I meant stupidly in terms of the blogging overload piece not anything else....what I meant to say was, I don't want to overload you anymore!

  10. I can sympathise with the blogging overload! I think it happens to us all. What's really annoying though, is that it can stop me from doing real life stuff, which can't be healthy at all!

    I often remind myself of the film WALL E, where people just communicate through screens, never face to face! It tends to snap me out of it!


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