Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What? Wednesday - Le Supermarchet

I've been meaning to join in the wonderful What? Wednesday Mammasaurus meme thingy for a while now as its creative and fun and quite frankly I needed an opportunity to do something silly. This week I got all spontaneous and everything and gave it a shot. So what do you do? You basically write a note, draw a picture, or whatever shizzles your nizzle as long as you have your blog address emblazoned on it, stick it some where public and take a picture. Simples.

Anyways it's Monday morning. The skies are overcast and threatening that half hearted Autumnal drizzle mist that coats one in an unsatisfyingly damp spritz. Little A and I are about to head off on mission dry cleaners and le supermarchet.  Now I am a Tescos gal at heart but today we are going foraging in Sainsburys. Suddenly I have a light bulb What? Wednesday moment. I grab some felt tips and the nearest pad and I draw the below. No artistic feat I grant you but time was a ticking and Little A was getting impatient. The only thing I wished I'd changed was writing 'pervy' instead of 'sleazy' as I think this would've read better.

So we are in Sainsburgs and I'm surprisingly feeling a little nervous. Apples, bananas, broccoli and nappies get thrown in the trolley. I check out the dairy and cold meat sections but too many shoppers lolling about. I'm feeling self conscious. I know I have to break my What? Wednesday cherry.  In goes yogurt, pasta, cereal, raisins and bread and then my eyes set upon the quiet oasis that is the freezer section. 'Quick Little A, here's our chance. Lets go!'. 'Here's a good spot'. I halt in front of the frozen chips, look around me and then open my bag all the while anticipating a large shop assistant hand to clamp itself on my shoulder and frog march me away for interrogation and torture in a dim squalid room masquerading itself as 'staff canteen' beside the deli counter.  But this doesn't happen. My heart slows and I place my self endorsement on top of a family sized bag of McCain oven chips.  And here it resides ......

Secret assignment accomplished and we scidaddle tout de suite to the check out.


  1. Very funny! I find it easy to do the note - it's just the leaving the note and getting the photo that I find rather exciting! Makes me feel like a naughty school girl again!

    I would have pocketed that note for sure and looked you up when I got home!

  2. How my, how very exciting, nerve wracking and naughty.... I will just have to do that one day.... well done you....

  3. Excellent adventure.

  4. Brilliant. I got nervous with you just reading that. You've inspired me though. Too late today, but I'm going to do it next week.

  5. He he! Well done! I love the naughty feeling of posting the note (or duck, as I've graduated to) and trying to get the photo before I get busted. I'm dreading the hand on my shoulder, "Excuse me Madam, would you mind coming with me?"


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