Friday, 17 February 2012

Mashing Up My Musings - and poo.

Its happened again. I have contracted the fear. The fear of writing. This week I've had the dreaded bloggers block. This happened before Christmas and it was so frustrating. I would just stare at the blank page of a draft post and nothing would come. I would catch a glimpse of a sentence or a vague idea and then poof, it would disappear into a mindless smoke. Gone. Nothing. And I'm having trouble conjuring the aim for this piece. I can't think further than the next sentence. I'm begging the kettle genie to grant me one simple wish; to confer inspiration to get this post written.

So please bear with me. I think the only solution to my problem is to simply get stuck in and tap out something. Anything. Can you hear the desperation in my finger tips?

So after letting my head meander I've decided that this post is going to be a mash up of a whole bundle of thoughts; some about my week and some about my writing.

Week so far .....

At last warmer weather. 10c feels positively balmy. Mid February is having a heatwave. I didn't cocoon myself in my ankle skirting Winter coat today. No, instead I fleetingly braved the outdoors in a jumper and brown fleece on another car trip to the local dump. The recent chill had deterred Little A and I, well actually me, from taking our daily morning sojourn to the local park. Not this week. On Tuesday we felt warmer air on our faces as I cheerily walked and wheeled a chatty Little A in her buggy to the playground.

Wish I hadn't bothered.

The local council had sprayed fertiliser heavily laced with chicken poo over the flower beds. Great for plants but nasty on the nose. For want of a better word, it was minging; my nostrils curled in disgust at the rancid smell permeating my clothes. I promptly covered my pug-nosed pecker with a particularly itchy woollen scarf; I cant remember the last time it was washed. Its funny how the stench went unnoticed by excited toddlers and pre-schoolers. They were too busy swinging, sliding and round-a-bouting.

The mothers though, including myself, kept obsessively checking the undersides of shoes and pram tyres like newly appointed detectives, for clues to the origins of the offending odour. Strangely the park warden appeared to be heartily breathing in the parfume de free range hen shit as if enjoying a nasal colonic. I didn't plan on staying long. I only drew one chalk picture of an abstrakt Makka Pakka which was an artistic feat given I scribbled it with one handed whilst using the other to cover my nose. Little A was only given 10 minutes on the swing and then we swiftly left thankfully leaving the disgusting pong behind us.

In the meantime .....

The super sized sort out continues unabashed. This time I turned my attention to the mess in the kitchen. Drawers were cleared out, surfaces decluttered and corners cleaned of accumulated dust. The living room floor became a museum to old pots and pans, a coffee peculator and a breville sandwich toaster. Younger Dad said under no circumstances was the breville going assertively decreeing, "every household needs a breville!"

Anyway I boxed up a whole bunch of kitchen items which are to be stored at my very helpful mother in laws until after move. I am rather pleased with my efforts. The kitchen is now almost ready as we prepare the anti-tardis for sale. I think the local dump will hire an additional skip just for our household junk since our appearances are becoming that regular.

Part of the kitchen now looking alot tidier.

Writing ..... 

I'm becoming a tad anal about things and embarrassingly admit to the following;
  1. I use an on line thesaurus when I'm writing. I have a mushy brain so ergo its not full of clever descriptive words. I need back up. 
  2. I read and re-read my sentences to the point that they no longer make sense so that I end up rewriting them again. This is rather obsessive behaviour.
  3. I have often re-edited posts after they have been published. Again, obsessive.
I don't know why I am doing this. It takes the fun out of blogging. Its probably the perfectionist in me and maybe because I've started to acknowledge that I am a writer of sorts. Hell, I've even submitted two posts to the writers section on Love All Blogs. That's a statement of intent.

I've also been thinking about my blogging voice. What does that actually mean? Do my posts strike a tuneful chord or do they fall flat, off key? Would I read my posts? I honestly don't know. Now I'm being self depreciating.

So far the conclusion I've drawn is that a strong blogging voice means a degree of consistency in style but most importantly an honesty beneath the writer's words. My favourite reads all have one thing in common; their personalities really shine through and I have a real sense of the person behind the post.

Kate On Thin Ice asked a very pertinent question the other week;

"Do you think you are missed when you don't blog?"

I like to think I might be missed by some of my regular readers in the short term. But there are so many blogs out there and I can't help thinking of that old saying, "todays news, tomorrows fish and chip paper."

At the end of the day blogging is about writing for me and me alone and if I can let go a little more of statistics, who reads my posts and approving comments, then this could evolve into a very fulfilling and enjoyable hobby.

Anyways bah to bloggers block. Next time I get the fear I'll just upload a photo.


  1. Your comment about the nasal colonic made me chuckle! And on the subject of the breville toastie maker, I'm with younger Dad. In fact, this post has got me lusting after a cheese ham n baked bean toastie ight now!
    On blogging block and writing in general - I think it's good to just write. I don't think that post subjects have to be really meaty all the time, sometimes it's just the little details, like a pic of someone's kitchen and some thoughts about a redundant breville maker that make someone connect! One thing I like about following other people's blogs is just sharing the ebb and flow of their everyday life and sometimes it's surprising, the posts that you least expect give you a greater insight into a person.
    And yeah, I'd miss if you didn't blog.(But that's enough of the mushy stuff..) x

    1. Ah thank you! You've made me remember the important stuff which in actual fact is the small stuff !!!!! I'll bear that in mind when I tap away on the laptop.

  2. Phooey to writer's block! You've clearly beaten it this time :) I'm working on the big sort out too... de-cluttered the garage yesterday, cleaned the oven this morning (NOT the best way to start a Sunday but am so glad it's done!), a few pots and pans drawers already done and now off to sort the pantry... wish me luck!!

  3. I like your thoughts on blogger block, it reminds me to remember why I started in the first place, very grounding, thank you x

  4. Thank you for coming over! Just getting on with it and writing something really helped!


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