Friday, 27 April 2012

Legs Eleven - Part One

At the beginning of the year a rather daunting meme spread with greater urgency than swine flu and asked A LOT of questions. Eleven to be precise. Anyway I was tagged not once but twice by two lovely bloggers. This made a dizzying sum total of twenty two questions! How was I going to deal with this? Did I have the legs for the task at hand? I worried. I stressed. And then decided to put the whole thing off. But now Spring has returned I have gathered goddess like strength and momentum to tackle the answers head on. Or maybe not ...

The rules of the meme require that I answer eleven questions, think up another eleven questions, and then tag eleven bloggers to answer my set of eleven questions. Got it? But here's the deal. I am going to answer the questions and leave it at that. I know that's a grumpy thing to do, but I honestly cant think of anyone else to tag who hasn't already done this.

So the first set of questions is by the very stylish Making It As Mum ...

1. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would buy and why.

Well, seen as we are planning a move this year it would have to be a new home. Not something flashy, given all my millions, but a solid four bed roomed family house made from old stone and with, most importantly, a garden. At the moment we don't have one so on a daily basis, barring patchy weather, I take Little A to the local park. Its a nice friendly space frequented by chatting mothers and their little darlings, green parakeets and the odd celebrity. But its not the same as having your own back yard. I look forward to the day I let Little A loose on her own patch of green. I picture her pulling morning fresh daises from the turf, giggling as she chases bottom heavy pigeons in an aimless circle and catching skittery butterflies in a make believe net. Mean while I put the kettle on, potter about inside and er, write.

2. Whats the best book you have ever read.

This is impossible to answer. Over the last few years or so, I've had my head inside either a psychology text, a parenting book or Harry Potter. Its been a while since I've lost myself in adult fiction. Having said that, the last novel I read which ticked all the boxes for plot, intrigue, descriptive narrative, and had me hanging onto every word and page, was Ian McEwan's Atonement. A fantastic piece of writing by one of my favourite authors.

3. Marmite do you love it or hate it.

There are somethings in life that polarise opinion, where there is no middle ground, no grey area and no room for ambiguity or ambivalence. Marmite is one such thing. I am unequivocally in the hate it camp. I loathe the stuff. As I have said before and will say again its M.E.C.O.N.I.U.M in a jar. Now do you fancy some on toast? 

Meconium on toast anyone?

4. Whats a perfect day for you.

At the moment this would be a selfish day to myself. I would like nothing more than to spend a balmy Summer's day on a soft grassy incline overlooking Ullswater in the Lake District. It would be a day spent in silence armed with nothing more than a picnic and a good read. A day where I am soothed and restored by nature's music. I can feel myself coming alive just thinking about it.

Ullswater - A perfect day to myself.

5. If time travel was possible where would you go and what would you do.

Reethi Beach
I would relive my honeymoon. It was a heavenly fortnight spent on a slice of paradise known as Reethi Beach, an island in the Maldives. Two weeks of white sands, lapping waters, reading, talking, laughing, massages, cocktails, fine dining on fresh foods and local flavours, and snorkeling amongst a rainbow metropolis of underwater life. My senses were thoroughly indulged. Pure bliss. I credit this holiday with how quickly we conceived. I fell pregnant a month after we'd returned.

6. Do you have any phobias.

No, not really but does marmite (see above) and snoring (see below) count?

7. Whats the craziest thing you have ever done.

In 2001 I threw the dice and gambled on a new life in London. I moved down to the Big Smoke without the safety net of a career. I hadn't a clue where my life was headed. The reason I moved? A boyfriend of course. At the time it seemed like a crazy thing to do. The relationship didn't work out. In hindsight it was never going to. But it did gift an opportunity to start afresh in a different setting. In the end uprooting to London was an astute decision .... it set me on a fated course to Younger Dad and pregnancy.

8. What item would you be lost without.

Firstly I was going to say my pocket sized filo fax, then my laptop, but when it comes to life's essentials it has to be my toothbrush. There is just no way I could function without a clean mouth and fresh minty breath. The paranoia that I might cloak some poor unsuspecting soul in dragon breath is enough to section myself and clamp my mouth with cement. So I would be lost without my toothbrush!

9. What drives you crazy.

Snoring. The rattle of a throaty snore is akin to hearing the high pitched grate of finger nails dragging down a chalk board.  The mere snuffle or grunt sends steam venting from my ears.  I try to ignore it but I can't rest until silence has been restored. This usually means elbowing and shouting obscenities at Younger Dad. My temper has no cushioning at 3.00 am. I often end up sleeping on the sofa in the lounge. I can bear most nocturnal sounds; the ticking of a clock, mice in the rafters, drunken squabbles outside but I just cannot tolerate snoring. Being a light sleeper to the degree that clashing atoms disturb me from slumber doesn't help either.

10. If you could bring one thing back from childhood what would it be.

The one thing I would bring back I actually still have and that's my trusty side kick Blue Teddy.

11. What are your plans for today.

Today is nearly done but here are the highlights; dancing with Little A to Talking Heads, off loading Younger Dad's wardrobe rejects at the recycling dump, a soggy shopping mission to buy presents for a newborn and one year old, reading Stick Man and Zog, and finishing this post while Little A naps. This evening I'm putting my feet up. I might have a lengthy soak in a bubble bath and read a new book about writing a novel.

In part two I'll be doing my up most best to answer the wonderful Mummy Plum's questions.


  1. Great post. I got tagged by two people, too and it took me a while to get it together to start answering everything. Then I got half way through and realised I'd done it all wrong. I was so overwhelmed I didn't go back to it! It's still languishing somewhere. Well done for making the effort. Looking forward to reading the next installment. Polly x

    1. Ah thank you Polly. I put this off for ages. I just couldn't think of the answers to begin with ... my memory fails me.

  2. I love this type of post. It's great for hugely nosy people like me. I too, would love a garden. Going to the park with my son is nice but it would be great to just open up then door and step in to the back garden, cu of tea in hand, to play. It would make things much easier.

    1. Hello! Thank you for coming over to comment. Yes, a garden would make such a big difference - it would create so much more freedom, both for Little A and I.

  3. Bless you for finding time to take part, i love posts like these it is so nice to find out more about you.
    Its funny how fate puts you in the right place at the right time to meet the person who changes your life. I think a perfect day for most mums is complete peace and quiet in a beautiful the words of the well known advert.... because we're worth it!
    I really enjoyed your post looking forward to the next installment xx

    1. Thank you so much! Maybe I will get my perfect day this Summer ... when it isn't raining, of course!

  4. Great answers. Am with you on the snoring front, although even a ticking clock will stop me sleeping. But, as for the Marmite thing..we're on opposite sides of the fence on that one. In fact, I've just had some on a lovely buttery piece of toast. DELICIOUS. Well done on embracing the challenge - I'll let you off mine if you like..x

    1. Oh YUCKY YUK. Well I guess some one has to like the stuff. I'm just in the middle of writing yours. Stay tuned!


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