Thursday 14 June 2012

A Ray Of Sunshine

I've felt a little lost this week. Blogging inspiration has eluded me. So I took a gander at my drafts and re-remembered that I'd been given a ray of hope in the midst of torrential downpours, knee high puddles and broken umbrellas. The wonderful Bibsey, who resides in the Spanish hills - I'm envious - and writes a very bright and clever blog about her family adventures in sunnier climes, has awarded me a Sunshine Award. This is for being, and I quote, "a blogger who positively and creatively inspires others in the blogosphere". Officially, this means I'm a good egg. Not scrambled, coddled, poached or fried ... just good. Plain and simple.

So the rules require that I ....

1. Thank the person who gave me this award.
2. Answer the questions below ... its all about favourite things
3. Pass on the award to ten sunshiny bloggers and give them a nudge about it

Cheers Bibsey! This middle aged bird's face has a cheshire cat grin. Much needed as I don't know how much more of this wash out Summer I can take.

Favourite Colour ...

Green. What can I say ... Vibrant spring foliage. Apples, grapes and courgettes. Olive and emerald. The teal and turquoise currents of the ocean. Its nature's trusted palate. It compliments my sallow skin. It brightens my blue grey eyes. I almost married in a pale moss dress. Its the rolling hills of the Cotwolds or the chilling drama of the Pennines. It soothes and harmonises. I'm not so keen on lime though ...

Favourite Animal ...

The pug.

Favourite Number ...

It just so happens its eight. That's my numerology number. Apparently this endows me with stamina, perseverance and earthy wisdom. Well that looked good in writing anyway. Its the time Little A falls asleep heralding my daily window of relief to write, read, and catch up with Younger Dad. Its also the digit on the clock face I would like to wake up to every so often. Once upon a time I did ... I'm also rather partial to box of After Eight Mints.

Favourite Drink ...

Camomile tea.

A cup of camomile and I can take on the day
I don't mind if it tastes like new mown grass and field fresh hay 
Pop a tea bag in the cup
Let it brew
My grumpy muddled head has a calmer hue 

Facebook or Twitter ... 

Neither really. But if I had to choose it would be twitter. Its socially spontaneous, fun, and has a far greater networking reach. My new passion though is Pinterest. Now I can happily spend hours on this creating visually pleasing collages. Its a lovely and inventive way of telling a story.

Your Passion ...

Aside from Little A and Younger Dad, its my writing. I love being a counsellor and helping others too but at the moment writing comes out on top. Over the last year blogging has transformed my life. I know that's a cliche but its true, and to the point where I now have a bee in my bonnet about writing fiction. I'm also rather passionate about my weekly - yes, I'm disciplined - Tesco custard danish.

Giving or getting presents ...

Giving. I have some imaginative gifts lined up for Younger Dad for Fathers Day. I would love to share what I've bought but I'm a little nervous he'll read this blog post. I can disclose that the Fathers Day celebration will include pancakes, maple syrup and bacon. Its a firm family favourite.

Favourite Day ...

Saturday because I get to have a lie in, see clients, have time for myself, and most of all, enjoy the company of my family.  If Younger Dad has been away for most of the week on business, he'll often treat us all to lunch at a local restaurant. Saturday nights Younger Dad and I relax and indulge our senses with a take-away and a movie, or the latest instalment of Mad Men; season five has been riveting.

Favourite Flower ...

Forget Me Not.

As a child I discovered them growing wildly in our back garden . 
I admire their fragility and innocence.


Gerbera Daisy.

I  love the bold splash of colour. This is a confident and self assured flower. If it could talk it would say, "look at me, aren't I fabulous". I wish I had that depth of self esteem ...  

And these are the wonderful bloggers I'm tagging ... (I couldn't think of ten)

Caught Writing
Lynsey The Mother Duck
Mummy Plum
Romanian Mum
Older Single Mum
Postcards From Pramstead
Three Years And Home

Images courtesy of Pinterest


  1. Thank you. What a wonderful post. Not sure I can live up to that!

    1. Thank you .... and I'm positive you can go over and beyond with your twist on things!

  2. I love your choice of flowers. I had to pin the Forget Me Nots.

  3. Great stuff! Lots of shared interests there, like Gerberas and green. Never seen a green Gerbera though. I wonder if they exist. Gerberas were in my wedding bouquet. OK I'm onto it, thanks for tagging me. Polly

    1. I had gerberas in the flower arrangements for my wedding breakfast tables. Lovely flower.

  4. What a wonderful post in it's lovely informative nature!
    I also love camomile tea and forget me nots. That is a gorgeous image you have there too x

    1. Thank you. And thank you for stopping by to comment :o).

  5. Great post. I'm a fellow cammomile tea drinker too. And funnily enough, I also had gerberas in my wedding table flower arrangements. (Red ones). I love them too.

    I LOVE the new blog look. Fabulous header with the converse and the tape. Makes me want to pimp my blog up now! xx

    1. Thank you. I went and treated myself from money from the sponsored editorials on Older Mum. @violetposy did the design with input from my ideas, and all the techy stuff. I'm too much of a scaredy cat to tinker with html and css!

    2. Well, it's very lovely. At least you know what css is *scratches head*.
      Popped over to say thanks for the tag, but I think I will give this one a miss as I did a v. similar one in February which had most of the same questions. x

    3. I had a funny feeling that you did!

  6. Now thats one lovely cuppa!
    Blogging inspiration alludes me often, at those times I turn to photo posts!!!
    Love the new look, the converse, the whole thing looks blooming lovely x

    1. I'm drinking a cup of camomile right now! Glad you like the new look blog - I love it too! X

  7. Now I really want After Eights and a cup of camomile! Great post. Thanks for the tag, but like Mummy Plum I did this one a couple of months ago. I love the new design by the way.

    1. Thank you! This award meme did do the rounds a while back. I'm very pleased with the new look too!


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