Older Mums

I had my first child aged 39. I didn't consider it a big deal having a baby later in life. This was when I felt both psychologically and emotionally ready to start a family. There has been so much press attention on older mothers over the years, more often negative, that I felt compelled to write something positive about being an older mum.

So in 2011 I set up an informative and supportive resource,
Older Mum, for mothers over 35.

We may face many challenges on our journey to parenthood. It's therefore small wonder why some of us delay having children until our late 30's, 40's or 50's. For many women, it isn't a choice but a response to circumstances beyond our control.

Here are some wonderful, heartfelt stories from other older mums about their journey into later motherhood;

Tick tock
Being an older mum
Why I became a mum at 37
Being an older single mum
Old overweight and pregnant
Confessions of an older mum - or - lessons in what really matters
Diamonds pearls and babies
Less risky second time around
Older mothers or how to sell the daily mail
The notes read high risk

For more inspiring stories please head over to Older Mum.

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  1. I was a mum at 36 and then 41 so if you would like ideas from me I would gladly put my thinking cap on :)


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