One Week

Before I became a mum, I used to cycle everywhere. One of the many joys of my two-wheeled adventures was admiring the passing of the seasons. Again, when my daughter was an infant, and we took our daily strolls around the local park, I loved nothing more than observing the passage of time.

So this inspired an idea for a photography and creative writing project.... to dedicate a number of days each season to posting photographs and words that captured the spirit of the time of year. And it didn't have to be photographs of nature, it could be anything that distilled the personal experience of those months.

I named my project One Week.

My One Week...

Autumn 2014 -
Autumn Bites.
Summer 2014 - Outdoors; South Then North; A New Rhythm.
Spring 2014 - The Pile of Pink; The Sweetest Goodbye; The Last One?
Winter 2014 - In The Basement; Drip Drip; The Turn.
Autumn 2013 - Champagne; Hands; Noted.
Summer 2013 - The Zen of Washing; In Full Bloom; Not Vintage. Just Good.
Spring 2013 - Park Life (the return); Waiting; Red Cheeks; Make a Wish; A Few Warm Days.
Winter 2013 - Park Life (the wait); Departure; Individual; English Beauty; Cold End.
Autumn 2012 - Park Life (or not); Colour; Closer; Clearing; And...
Summer 2012 - Park LifeTreasureBeautyMullionFinally.


  1. Ooh you're so imaginative, clever and creative X

  2. What a lovely idea.....make sure to remind us all and post out on twitter just before it starts!

  3. Great idea - like Suzanne, give us a nudge to remind us! I have the memory of a goldfish....

  4. So pleased to have found you - hope to join you for the autumn week!

  5. Looking forward to joining in this, please tweet lots to remind me. x

  6. I'd love to join in, just hit me a big slap to remind me x

  7. I'd like to join in too and I'm grabbing the badge which is v.nice by the way :) I'll watch out for those tweets x

  8. Lovely idea thanks for this! Xx

  9. What a lovely idea, I will give it a shot - literally!

  10. A great idea - I love it. xx

  11. Very lovely idea - I'll keep a look out!

  12. This is such a fab idea! Please remind us! x

  13. Sounds like a great idea! will try and link up where I can x


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