Tuesday 11 September 2012

#One Week - Summer '12 - Treasure

I don't enjoy having my photograph taken. I think it's safe to say that I'm averse to the camera lens - whether its close up or zooming out. Any soft focus is an absolute no no. On our recent holiday I am ashamed to say that zero, yes, zero pictures were taken of me to many protestations from Younger Dad. He probably has a valid point though - at the very least there should have been a few of Little A and I huddled close together. Anyway, over the last few months it appears that Little A has also developed a similar phobia to the prompts of 'smile','say cheese'. Taking photographs of her is akin to climbing a mountain blindfolded - it usually winds up as an aborted mission. She has a tendency to leaning forwards when she poses, has already fine tuned her fixed smile, and frustratingly bolts before I've had chance to snap the picture on camera.

Thank fully, Little A's burning curiosity over a lone tree stump during a recent pub lunch provided the necessary distraction needed to get her to sit still for just two precious seconds. Well almost ....

Little A .... Little A
Look at Mummy
This way
Younger Dad - STOP distracting her!

Okay. Good.
Now look at Mummy.
No, no don't lean forwards.
That's not your usual smile.

Little A .... Little A
Please, please, please look at Mummy.
Okay, look at Daddy then.

Ha ha ha. Daddy is a monster.
Look at the monster.
Isn't he funny?
That's it.


This is the second day of the seasonal linky One Week. Over the next few days (until Friday) I'll be posting a photograph(s) and a few words that diarises and distills my experience of summer '12. Take a peep at the details here. You can join in for one, two ... or the full five days. And don't forget to add #oneweek on Twitter.

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  1. I completely empathise with your frustration at getting her to look at the camera/ smile properly. At least you did it in the end though! That last photo is great. I'm with you on not being in the photos - shame really. I probably should make more effort to at least try and be in one or two.

    1. That last photo is my favourite too! I am rather camera shy, and like you I need make a better effort, I don't want Little A growing up thinking that her mum didn't want to be in any pictures with her!

  2. Hmm yes photos. A glaring reminder of what I actually look like as opposed to the image that I have in my head which ages me at about 28. It just gets worse.

    Lovely shots of Little A.


    1. I am so with you there - mentally I stopped aging at around 28/29 but the mirror and camera beg to differ! Down hill all the way! :o).

  3. That last one is a cracker! My camera has a 2 sec delay so I am always missing the perfect shot...especially when it involves three kids all looking at the camera at the same time....ain't never gonna happen.

    1. Thank you - it's mine too. Oh Lordy - trying to coordinate three children for a photo must be a total mare!


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