Tuesday 12 February 2013

100 Word Challenge - A Beautiful Day

"And what could you have done? Nothing."

"I just feel...."

"No Char, don't, don't blame yourself."

The paper said suspected suicide. Was it a helping hand instead? A whip of icy air found the base of my hair line.

"So you saw this guy moving towards him?"

"Yeah. He was right there when David disappeared. I just know it."

'It's a Beautiful Day' reverberated around the crematorium walls.

"Oh my goodness!" Charlotte panicked, "I nearly forgot - the funeral."

I led my friend back inside, back to our vacant seats.

Then something caught my eye - two characters set apart from the mourners...

I'm linking up with JB47's 100 Word Challenge. This week's prompt was... Oh my goodness. I nearly forgot...

This is part of a wider story. You can read the other instalments in the series here.


  1. hmmm...to speak out or not, to simply let it go or to ponder it for awhile...the "whip of icy air" sets the chill that follows through the writing...nicely done. :)

  2. intriguing... I had a go at this one week, never posted it. I found it really difficult to fit everything I wanted to say in the word count. So hats of I know it's not easy to do and you are so very good at it. x

    1. Thank you... I think this has been okay for me as I am writing a story, not from scratch every week. X.

  3. Ooh... that gave me the chills :) x

    1. Cheers - here's a cocoa to warm you up! :o). X.

  4. Very nice and intriguing in mere 100 words. :)

    Would you please take few minutes read my very first short story? please mum

  5. Eagerly awaiting the next instalment... x

  6. Oh, a chilling account - who are those strangers? I'll be back next week to find out (hopefully).

  7. This was a good 'un. Loved the ending. x

  8. Ooh ooh, that's spooky. What happens next? :-)


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